Associations who wish to organise a wholetone panpipe workshop anywhere in the world with instruments provided please feel free to contact me by Email:

I offer initiation to sound production, structuring your own exercises, fluency acquisition, as well as a large and varied repertoire of fun things to play from beginner to virtuoso, including jazz, classical, contemporary and Brazilian chorinhos.

If enough people are interested a group purchase of molded instruments can be organized to cut the cost for classes.

Please note that I do not offer jazz workshops on old-style diatonic panflute. Having spent thirteen years beating my head against that wall, my goal is to save you all sore heads and a lot of time and get you started in the right direction.

Contact our translators:

Denis Klimov (Russian):

Li Sha (Chinese):

Kike Pinto Cardenas (Spanish):

Eunjung Picard (Korean):

Many thanks to Pascale Grandsire for her careful proof-reading of my French version.

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